Hi, there
It's nice to see you
Don't be sad that summer's gone,
you can still have fun!

Heres a few things you can do this Autumn by yourself, and with friends (+ inspo pictures)

*✧Things to do this

Redecorate - Make your space look festive and occupy your time by redecorating your room/house with earthy colours, pumpkins and blankets.

Temporarily removed beds, colors, and girls image
Maybe even do a few DIYs?

Visit a Pumpkin Patch - Cute Instagram pics + Fun day out = a day to remember

pumpkin, autumn, and fall image autumn, fall, and pumpkin image
Use them for carving or bake a pie :)

Go on a Nature Walk - Leaves are falling, colours are changing, go out to see the beautiful scenery. Be one with nature and have some quality time with friends.

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Breathe in the cold air

Go to a Sports Game - Fall is the beginning of the athletic season so go out to support your favourite sports team, or even just your school's team with some friends.

childrens, memories, and footall image football, orange and blue, and lhs image
Go * insert sports team *!

Make a Camp Fire - Roast smores, invite some friends over, have a chill night - stay safe, make sure the fire is completely out after!

fire, night, and forest image girl, fire, and travel image
you can literally hear the picture on the left

Go to the Cinema (Movies) - I'd recommend Halloween movies but go watch anything you'd like. If you can find a drive-in theatre, even better!

bed, converse, and in image Image by ar
Netflix? Cinema? Dive in? Your choice.

Have a Sleepover - Spend a night in with your friends

friends, night, and sleepover image Image removed
Pizza or Chinese ?

Go on a Lunch Date - You don't need to be in a relationship, go with your friends, siblings, or parents

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Go to a Fair or Theme Park - quick, before they close for winter. Buy some candy corn if you want to be extra

beach, carnival, and fair image Image removed
Most parks have Halloween rides/ mazes around October time, I've always had fun at them.

Bake Pies - Depending on where you're from, your autumn traditions may vary. But pie seems to be a pretty universal seasonal food to eat.

autumn, pumpkin, and fall image food, pie, and fall image

Thank you all so much for reading, I really appreciate it. Please leave me feedback and feel free to request what you want to see next. I love you all. I'll be back with another one of these very soon


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