The Colors Of Life

We all know that life is not in pink colors. Sometimes is blue, sometimes grey, but there's some other times that all turns in black and white. That is the part that we try to hide from other people. But, in my opinion it should not be in that way. We should share those moments in our life that we're just black and white because I know that we all have that in common.

I think that can help us to feel more understood, and more okay with ourselves because when that happen, when we all share all those black and white moments, at the same time we fell less alone, and more confident.

So, I think that's why I'm writing this article. Because I want to feel that way sharing all those black and white moments of my life. But, I'm not going to forget the other colors, because for more black and white moments comes the same quantity of pink, blue and grey one's.

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I let this for you guys. Is a really good quote that I find a long time ago. Enjoy.

See you around! xoxo, T.