Day 1 | Is It Love?

“Couples just want to be flooded with feelings of ‘fulfilment’. They don’t really love their partner.” –Sata Kyouya.

We say “I love you” more than we should, especially there’s no sincerity behind it.

So what makes us say it?

To bring a momentary happiness to the opposition, letting them feel wanted; erasing any thoughts of loneliness or doubts.

Then, they would probably say it back effortlessly.

As a way of responding, “Yeah, I appreciate the attention.”

Even though deep down, you know there’s no feeling behind it, but there’s a spark of joy.

Something called, ‘fulfilment’.

Overtime, phrases such as ‘I love you’ or ‘I miss you’ just become plain, valueless.

Evolving from something rare and powerful,

To a sense of duty.

We say it to fulfil their yen, like a verbal form of a gift.

Whereas it should come from something much more meaningful, a feeling that’s worthwhile.

A feeling that’s worth sacrifice for, with no expectations.

Nowadays, phrases of love are taken for granted.

Now, let me ask you,

When you say it,

“Is It Love?”

I hope you guys enjoyed it! This is something like a midnight thought? This is of course, my opinion. Please send in any thoughts or suggestions so I can further improve my writing! This is actually my first time sharing… so spare me with any harsh comments. I hope I can have your support. Also, Daily Dose is all about midnight thoughts, so it doesn’t only cover love.

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