hey everyone ! i am very happy to finally be able introduce myself to my followers

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My name is Halah ... i'm from Somalia

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but i'v been living here in egypt since i was 9

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i'm on WHI since 2014

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My Favourite Band

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has been my favorite band since I was a child, and as I've aged I've grown to appreciate them much more .. Not many people know that I absolutely love heavy rock music. I suppose the music Evanescence makes is a bit of a cross between rock, gothic rock and heavy metal - whatever it's classified as, I love it. I'm so happy this band exists, because there is actually no band like them. Their music makes me feel alive, and their lyrics are brilliant. It's like someone else understands exactly how I feel - or everything I've ever felt.

  • Amy Lee*
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is amazing. Her voice is very strong and powerful, yet it can also be ethereal and almost soothing in a way. I listen to them all the time

linkin Park

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I've been a fan of this perfect band for almost 2 years, and I'm as much in love with them as I was when I heard them for the very first time. I love them.
chester bennington

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u touched so many lives, maybe even more than you realized, i felt very sad to lose a great person like you ,and my heart and mind still dont want to believe heart broken i wont say goodbye , someday we'll meet in the other world
“Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.”

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since i was little i used to listen Kpop music & and watch their series and movies
but sadly. i didn't have a band or artist that i love . until i discovered this band .They are totally awesome! After hearing PLAYING WITH FIRE. BOOMBAYAH. STAY . AS IF IT'S YOUR LAST, They are my favorite. And I can't find something similar at all.