This is a beginners guide to using makeup or ideal for the person who prefers more of a subtle look...'au naturale'. I will not be advertising any makeup products as it's up to you to find what suits and I am not a makeup artist this is just from my personal experience.

If you are starting out what would be a fun thing to do is go to the shops with your mum or sister or an elder you respect as it's a real 'girlie' day out and a memory to share but more importantly they will give you the best advice on what looks great. The stores will be happy to show you how to apply makeup and the products that suit after all you are the customer of tomorrow, so don't worry about asking for a demonstration. There is no need to feel pressured in to buying anything at this stage, it is purely about gaining some knowledge of what suits you as there are many products out there. You want to get it right so take your time in choosing and remember what looks good on your friend might not be right on you so test before you buy.

Makeup brushes are important. Buy a set that has good hair bristles.
I do not use foundation I prefer a bronzer. Keep the tone as near to your skin colour as possible whichever base you choose.

As you are starting out you do not want your makeup to look heavy. For eyeshadow I would suggest browns or light pinks it just gives the eyes a light colouring. I know the fashion is heavy eyeliner but especially in the daytime a lighter look is preferable. I use a black kohl pencil and I put a thin layer on the rim of the top eyelid and the bottom eyelid. Again just pencil over your shaped eyebrows. Do not make them too dark. Two layers of black mascara (even if you are blonde) to set off your eyes. With blusher use light colours browns and pinks again keeping near to your skin tone. To complete the look I would recommend a lipgloss rather than a lipstick for a softer feel using light browns or pinks.

I hope this guide is useful to you and if you have any questions please ask.

You will look stunning!!

Oh and do not forget to buy a makeup bag then you will not loose anything.

Have fun.

I hope you enjoyed my article.

Thanks for reading.

Until next time.

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