To: you,

Jazz is certainly a music genre that older people listen to. I rarely meet people who are my age, that can agree with me that jazz is wonderful. Maybe my soul is old fashioned or something, but I truly enjoy listening to the genre.

The great thing about jazz is that not only can it take me anywhere, but also decades back in time. I can be in my bedroom and play jazz – either I´m in my hometown, or I´m in Paris. I´m either in 2017, or I´m in 1923. Of course this is only in my imagination, but that´s one of the reasons why I love jazz. I usually play it when I want to picture myself somewhere else, and it helps me a lot. Down below I´ll link you to my jazz-playlist, and my Paris-playlist. Feel free to listen to them!

Also what´s great about jazz is that it fits to almost every situation. Whether you are doing homework, studying, drinking wine, chatting with friends – it is always a good idea to put on some Miles Davis, Frank Sinatra, or Louis Armstrong. Do yourself a favor and try listen to jazz while doing things like this. I promise you will not regret it.

Right now I´m listening to the dazzling music genre while writing, and I must say I feel a lot more creative. I think the fluttery and warm, but edgy noises make your mind open up ways other music types won´t – if that makes sense.

I hope you´ll sit down and listen to some jazz, and picture yourself in Paris in 1923. What are you drinking? Where in Paris are you? Who are you with? What are you wearing?

xoxo, emma marie. - the Jazz Age. - un aller simple à paris. - my instagram