Hello guys! I've decided to try something new and to write about one of my favou
rite thing - fashion. For me,fashion is a form of self-expression and here i am,showing you some items that can always be found in my closet.

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1.White shirts. It's a classic item and anyone can pull it off. You can wear it with a skirt or a pair of jeans,it depends to you and it will always look effortless.
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2.T-shirts. A basic item and again works with everything.I prefere the graphic ones or simple white.
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3.Plaid skirts. They're giving me 90's vibes and my favourite way to wear them is with a t-shirt and a leather jacket.
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4.Leather skirts. I absolutely love them. I feel like a baddass whenever i put them on.
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5. Leather pants. Just one word- catwoman. Purrrrfect for autumn and even winter, i usually mix them with a silk shirt or a sweater.
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6.Mom/ boyfriend jeans. A very popular trend these years. Chic and comfortable can be worn with anything.
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7.Trousers. Casual and classy. i think everyone shoud own a pair.
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8.Leather jackets. Leather again,well i kind of have an obsession for it.
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9.Denim jackets. Love them,always in trend in my opinion and can really transform an outfit.
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9.Turtleneck sweather. These are the only types of sweaters that i own. They're super cozy and stylish and works just perfect.
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10. Coats. I personally will always choose them over a winter jacket. They made every outfit look put together.
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11.Little black dress. The all time savior, there are some of my favorites.
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12.Silk dresses. A daring item,maybe not for everybody's taste. My advice:try braless,looks better.
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13.White converse. It dosen't have to be white but that's how i like them. Makes it easier to mix.
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14.Boots. I prefere the combat ones,looks more grunge. Anything black works perfectly fine for me.
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15. Knee-high boot. Another daring item. i've seen so many people mix them wrong and made them look vulgar. My advice: looks amazing with a knit dress.
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16.Oxford shoes. All time favourite shoes,super comfy and look amazing with everything.
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17.Heels. Every woman secret weapon. Works with dresses or even with jeans.I personaly don't like platform shoes,i prefer stilettos or pumps.
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18. Backpacks. The perfect alternative for bags. Easy to carry and better looking.
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19.Eyeglasses. I wear glasses everyday so my go to are cat eye or circular shapes.
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20.Sunglasses. As for them,the only shape that i like is cat eye.

Hope you like my honest thoughts and opinons.And what do you think?
P.s. More will come and not only on the fashion side.

XOXO, Blackcat.