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Today I’m going to talk about heartists. I’ll elaborate on what Weheartit said is the way to become one, and I’ll answer some frequently asked questions about the topic. Let’s begin!

What are Heartists?
“Heartists are leaders in creativity, inspiration, and discovery, with interests in fashion, beauty, travel, food, and fandoms.”*

Basically, since 2015, WeHeartIt officials have been picking top users from the crowds at the end of every year. These are a selection of the most engaged WHI users of that year. WeHeartIt recognizes their brilliant efforts and therefore awards them with a badge on their canvas (the pink star).

How are heartists chosen?
According to WeHeartIt, the heartists are “chosen via a proprietary formula”*. In this formula, there are three main points being taken into account that makes you worthy of the heartist title. These are engagement, creativity and inspiration.

Please note that becoming a Heartist takes a lot of time and effort. You need to be dedicated as hell, to stay committed to this wonderful site. Good things take time.



This means that you’re committed to WeHeartIt. You heart, you make collections and put hearts in there, you upload pictures to inspire other WHI members. And you do this (almost) every day. Why am I saying almost? I know that in the briefing WHI gives they state that a ‘true hearter’ hearts every day. In my experience, you don’t necessarily need to be on the site every single day.
I was awarded Heartist of 2015 on my first account, @refreshed (you know, my account that used to be Clarity♡), even though I wasn’t online every day and didn’t even post that much.
Just make sure that there aren’t week/month-long gaps in your feed because I’m pretty sure WHI doesn’t consider that ‘engaging’ enough. But if you’re on holiday or have exams and you happen to miss a day or a few, it won’t matter in the grand scheme of things.



There are three main ways to be creative on WeHeartIt.
I’ll get the simplest out of the way first: your canvas. Heartists are known for their unique content they either reheart from other users or post themselves. It doesn’t really matter what you post, even posting your own images is optional here. Just make sure you’re not only posting pictures like the ones below, as they’re not very unique by WHI-standards:

Temporarily removed strawberry, food, and fruit image dog, cute, and puppy image converse, shoes, and red image tattoo, travel, and airplane image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed flowers, daisy, and white image world, art, and paint image Temporarily removed
Please note that I’m not trying to say shit about people who (only) post these types of pictures. However, I checked and all of these have well over 500.000 hearts, so they aren’t what you call original anymore. That’s all.

Also, try to be more creative and original than just re-uploading whatever is on the All Images page right now or the Popular Images page from yesterday… just saying.


The next way to express your creativity on WeHeartIt is by making collections.
As all people are different from one another, not everybody will enjoy seeing every aspect of your canvas as much as you do. So if you have a very diverse canvas, a way to go can be using collections to separate your images! Maybe one person won’t understand your obsession with Sherlock but absolutely loves seeing your pictures of nature and food. With collections, more people get to appreciate your content :)

On a side note, on the topic of ‘how to get more followers’: people will be more likely to follow you if you’re using collections, as they’re able to pick things from your canvas they want to want to see and, well, drop the rest. It can help you greatly when you’re aiming to be ‘WHI-famous’. Keep in mind that this is optional, and not a must.


The last way of expressing yourself is a new thing on WeHeartIt: writing articles! You get to write whatever you want; stories, poems, news, reviews, playlists et cetera, you get the point. I won’t talk about this one a lot, as I’m new to it, just like you are. I also don’t know whether articles are taken into consideration when picking this year’s Heartists, I can only guess. My only advice here is to try to think of original ideas, and don’t just recreate other people’s articles.



This one is pretty self-explanatory, but probably the most important of the three. In order to be a Heartist, you must inspire the WHI community with your feed! Your canvas is set as an example for other users because you post interesting, significant and exceptional content. Do I need to say more?



Does the number of followers I have matter?
Not too much, it’s not like only ‘famous’ hearters got the badge, so I think it’s not their main focus point. However, when I was scrolling through articles when they were only released to Heartists and people with Gold Memberships, I noticed that every Heartist had over 1K. I think it’s safe to that that’s the minimum of followers you need to have. Nevertheless, you’re bound to gain followers if you’re inspirational, creative and engage with your followers.

If you struggling with getting followers, you can check out my collection for tips on how to gain and other WHI stuff:

Can I still become a 2017 heartist if I made my account after the start of 2017?
I’ve seen people who still got the Heartist badge in 2016, even though their accounts originate from somewhere in that year. It definitely isn’t out of the question, but your chances are smaller. If you’ve made your account on January 2nd, it probably won’t be an issue, but if you made your account today (August 26), I don’t think there’s hope for you (sorry).
Say you’ve made your account somewhere in the middle of those two dates, e.g. somewhere in April, you still have a slight chance. You have to have worked your ass off though, to make such an impression on this community that WHI officials have no choice but to give you the Heartist title.

When are the Heartists chosen?
You get the notification that you’ve been awarded the Heartist badge somewhere around the 10th of December, give or take a few days. You get the actual badge on your canvas at the beginning of 2017.



Most of you, after reading this article, will probably think something along the lines of: “I am all those things! I’m creative, inspirational, and I engage with my followers. Surely I will become Heartist this year!
There’s something that needs to be said about that. In case you don’t know already, there’s luck involved with getting the Heartist badge as well. You see, an incredible amount of Hearters tick off all the requirements of being a Heartist. Thousands of users are creative, post exceptional pictures, write amazing articles, are committed to this site. Unfortunately, WeHeartIt only picks a certain number of heartists, so there is a possibility of you not getting the badge even when you deserve it. I’m sorry, but that’s just the way it is.

Okay, that’s it for now, thank you so much for reading!
If you have any questions or you just want to talk to me, you can email me, my email address is lauvery@hotmail.com!

Bye sweeties!

xxx Sabine (@the_night_skies)

*Articles I used: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/we-heart-it-named-to-best-apps-of-2015-by-google-launches-heartist-program-to-recognize-its-top-members-300189420.html