So the second article of mine is about music. Which is my second passion (like you can read from my bio). So I'm starting series "open mic" and it's articles about musicians and bands you should listen. This is the first one.

First of all I want to remind you that I listen to different kinds of music. This is only on kind of it. So this band may not be something you usually listen, maybe it's a bit different. But you know, sometimes different is even better so give them a change :)

1. The Front Bottoms

About them:

Oh man, they are good. So I found them like half a year ago and of course thanks to Spotify and it's playlists. The first song of The Front Bottoms I heard was "Twin sized mattress" I loved it from the very first second. I loved the guitar, I loved the lyrics, I loved the honesty, basically I loved everything. Then I started listening and also found a Spotify playlist which is called "The Best of: The Front Bottoms" So now I listen that playlist every day.

7 songs you should listen:

  • Twin Size Mattress
  • Au revoir (adios)
  • Raining
  • Santa Monica
  • Funny You Should Ask
  • Awkward Conversations
  • Swear to God the Devil Made Me Do It

A few pictures of them and their song lyrics:

Inspiring Image on We Heart It band, edit, and music image brian, talon of the hawk, and brian sella image aesthetic, edit, and flowers image