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It's finally here! Jackson Wang's new song hip hop song Papillon is out on Youtube!! You guys should go enjoy it for yourselves, but here were a few of my first impressions of the song:

It is entirely in English

This shocked me a bit since he speaks Chinese and Korean, and is technically a K-pop star, but his song was entirely in English and the lyrics were pretty good!

He is Representing China

I think it's amazing he's representing his own country of origin and letting everyone know who he really is. I hope everyone will be accepting of that because sometimes k-pop stars of other nationalities come under fire for wearing the flag of their country of origin. Let's hope that won't be the case.

The Diversity!!!

We all knew Jackson was in love with the coco, but Papillon featured both black women and black men. It looked like a party that I wish I was invited to, for real.

Pretty Catchy

I'm not love with the beat, but that chorus grows on you. You may inadvertently find your self howling the chorus if you aren't careful! However, I'm not blown away by the beat or anything because it's hard to get passed how kind of basic it sounds, but I still think it's a great first go at a solo rap.