I keep thinking of how our path led to us.
How we end up close...
of-course we had baby steps. But what if we were chosen to be close.
Maybe closer, closer than you think.
Closer to what we could become.

I lean forward as I open my mouth to speak words.
words that are floating up in the air. Trying to make sense of it.
"I can't get enough" Get enough? voices in my head...
Get enough of you!
I can't get enough of you as I shout back to my voices that only can listen.
But all I see is silence around me.
Thank God, no one notice as I smile.
I repeated the sentence over and over till I said it to you..

Saying it to you, was something that I was so nervous to say. But as we got closer, I am not. I feel comfortable with you. I feel comfortable with every step we make.
And I am not giving up on us.

What a great point to bring up right?

Not giving up on our love. No matter what will happen later on.
Even if we went apart. Even if we don't talk for a while. I know deep down in my heart. YOU.
You is what will bring happiness to our love. You are something. What a glowing spark. isn't it? You bright and glowing. ugh! beautiful I recall. My heart start to beat, every beat is reaching you. every heartbeat is calling your name. Beat...Beat... Beat.. it gets closer every time. Beat..Beat. Beat Beat BeatBeat... it stopped.
With a smile... ugh! "I can't get enough of you"

I can't! Your someone that i cannot lose even if I walked distant from you...but will come running toward you. I Love You...I will always be by your side.