Hi guys, my name is Marie. Basically is music my life, i LOVE music, i can't live without it :) My fav songs change every week i think! i am gonna share my fav music atm with you! I hope you like it! xx

↠Beggin' : Madcon
↠DNA : Kedrick Lamar
↠House of Memories : Panic! At The Disco
↠Falling : Jack & Jack
↠Stranger : MOTHXR
↠94 Dreaming : ATO, EDEN
↠Moonlight : Grace VanderWaal
↠Dance, Dance : Fall Out Boy
↠Car Radio : Twenty One Pilots
↠Hard Times : Paramore
↠Heart-Shaped Box : Nirvana
↠The Pretender : Foo Fighters
↠Blasphemy : Bring Me The Horizon
↠Balaclava : Arctic Monkeys

Kisses, Marie