So, Hi?

First Off

I know most of you know me as a profile picture on your screen, or as that one profile with the warm aesthetic that hearts a lot. However you know me in some way, and I appreciate it. I mean there's nine hundred and thirty something of you guys right now which is crazy but really cool. Thank you so much for that.

Reasons Why I Love WHI

  • Almost no-one I know follows me on here (a huge relief).
  • Mutual Followers are THE BEST (seriously nothing makes me happier then seeing someone I follow heart something from me).
  • There's a collection for everything. (Sad? We got you. Feeling like a boss? Got that too. Got some weirdly specific aesthetic? You're good.)
  • I can 100% totally express myself, without judgement from friends. (No extra comment necessary).

About Me

You might be wondering who I am. Or maybe not. I might just be conceited. But I hope you're wondering who I am because I'm wondering who you are.

I'm almost 17, so we'll go with that, and I live in the great shit show that is America.

With a Cheeto for President, I've become really interested in politics and am pursuing a career in Strategic Communications.

I love film. Old, new, funny, scary, I love it all. If you ever need someone to talk to about film, please slide into my DMs.

I would love it.

I'm also obssessed with books. If you haven't noticed my favorite is Looking For Alaska (cliche? eh, I don't care) but a close second is "What If We're Wrong?" by Chuck Klosterman. It's a bunch of essays about how we know who the stand out artists of this generation will be, how do we know even our most basic laws of science are correct , etc.

Highly recommend.

I consider myself a people expert, because I'm not only really good at reading them, but I've read possibly every book about body language possible. I'll know you hate me before you know you hate me. Because of this I overanalyze a lot and to get out of my own head I listen to music, so there's another thing I'm obssessed with.

Films, Books, People and Music.

I'm pretty basic aren't I?

I'm also obssessed with how the sky looks just after sunset, the little laughs people let out when a joke catches them off guard, the feeling of sun on my skin, and poetry about powerful women.

So that's me.

I hope I haven't scared you away.

If you want to talk about yourslf and make a new friend, feel free to message me.

I hope you find a quarter on the sidewalk, eat something tasty and have a day that may not seem like much now but in a few years you will realize was great.

- Caroline