Hi everybody! Fall is around the corner so i decided to write an article about fun things you can do this season! So let's get started....

autumn, fall, and leaves image

~First things first you can decorate your room or even your whole house

autumn, fall, and pumpkin image fall, autumn, and coffee image Halloween, autumn, and pumpkin image Halloween, autumn, and pumpkin image

~If you want to make your room more cozy you can put some candles,read a book and just listen to the rain

autumn, book, and coffee image autumn, candle, and fall image
Drink some coffe and read your fave book

~For me the BEST part about fall is baking apple pies,pumpkin pancakes,tarts,cookies...

autumn, Cookies, and fall image autumn, Cookies, and Halloween image autumn, fall, and coffee image Image by D R E A M E R
*Also don't forget to check out my collection about fall if you want more inspiration!

~Last but not least you can have a photoshoot with your best friend or your dog!

autumn, fall, and dog image pumpkin, autumn, and fall image autumn, fall, and leaves image autumn, fall, and leaves image

So guys,i hope you enjoy this fall bucket list! If you want to do more things here is some more inspiration!

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See you very soon,
xoxo Mag