hello babies ,it's alaa@fiorette here's my second article about best movies in just my opinion i know there are more better than what i will gonna say ,in this article i will mention just 5 movies but in another article i will mention the other 5 so let's start

1) HARRY POTTER : all of us love harry potter ,this imaginal character ,our childhood movie ,it's about 7 parts ,from 1997 to 2007 ,well my favourite characters are Hermione Granger and darco Malfoy ,i always loved this movies ,tbh it touches my feelings and i remember in one part i cried most cause someone was died , i really don't remember in which part was it


2) fast&furious : this movie i watched all the parts from part 1 to part 8 the last one (it was last April ) i remember when it stayed on cinema i think it was 18th or 24th i don't remember well but the next couple of weeks i was having ton of exams,so i couldn't watch it when it released on cinema , but this movie i liked it much cause it talks about family ,and we should always be one together , i liked it also cuz it includes many of my fav actors like vin diesel ,paul walker,and jason stathem , i really missed paul walker in the last part (fate of the furious)


3) Avengers : i adore this movie cuz it included all our favourite marvels like captain america,iron man,thor and hulk and many others ,i recommend you to watch the two parties they are amazing,also i'm waiting for (avengers infinity war) i'm so excited to watch it

4) the hobbit : this movie consists of 3 parts , the hobbit an unexpected journey,the hobbit desolation of the smaug and the hobbit the battle of the five armies ,can't describe to you guys how much i love this movie ,tbh part 1 and 2 not really exciting like part 3 but also you won't understand part 3 unless you watch 1&2 , last part is my favourite as the end was happy and sad at same time and i almost cried really hard as two of my favourite heroes died in the battle.

5) guardians of the galaxy: part one was released in 2014 and made a success and many people loved it ,the heroes in the movie is the new faces of the marvels ,second part was released in 2017 ,tbh i really love this movie part 2 is really interesting ,hope they make part 3 soon i'm waiting.

so guys this is the end of my article hope you enjoyed it ,don't worry i will release my second part soon if you want to suggest any movie just message me on tumblr fiorette39.tumblr.com