To me you were always near,
Right besides me, wiping my every tear.

You took away all of my sadness,
And replaced it with nothing but gladness.

It doesn't matter if the distance between us keeps increasing in length,
You were, you are and always will be my only strength.

When I was lonely and confused with so many things,
You were always there wrapping me under your wings.

In darkness you were the only one who held my hand,
Unlike other people who couldn't even understand.

When I thought that no one would listen and not even care,
You kissed my soul and said that "I'll always be there."

You were my guardian angel, always there protecting me,
All those precious things, if only I could see.

I want to see you and tell you that I love you,
But how can I see a spirit who is see-thru,

From the beginning and from the very start,
We were never meant to be so apart.

You live inside my heart, that's why I won't let it break,
I promise to keep you safe no matter what it takes.

I wish there was a way, to tell you how I feel,
To show that my love for you is absolutely real.

When I look inside my heart, there you are,
Healing and comforting me, removing my every scar.

written by me 🖤