dear everyone who reads this message,

isn't this just great? not only can i express myself through pictures, but now i can express myself with words. i honestly think this feature is for the better, and im so excited to share my thoughts with you!

right now im trying to catch a tan, or trying to stay tan. i was in croatia for about two weeks ago, and i would like to stay tan a little bit longer. i think that a tan makes you ten times hotter, which in results makes me feel better about myself. anyways the sun is alright, its not very hot but i manage.

i could lie and tell yall im enjoying myself with some ice coffee while tanning, but im gonna keep things straight. and thats my idea of this feature. im gonna write now and then, and try to be as poetic and inspirational as possible.

to wrap this up i would like to say im very excited to keep posting thoughts, messages or whatever with you guys. maybe you enjoy my writing or maybe you wont. both is okay.

xoxo, emma marie.

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