huhu heres another one~
now other than all the obvious things that we should be grateful for I wanna write about something else..
I am grateful for that person... that they are in my life even if just as a memory. I am grateful for that.
they are not just a friend.. I do have many 'friends'.
but they are not just a friend, they are family, no, they are more
When am wishing for myself they always come to my thoughts
My happiness and sincere joy is just being with them
In all my dreams you are there
you probably do not know; but you mean so much to me
My feelings towards you are way more than I could ever show ..
ive always believed that your soulmate isn't necessarily your significant other... and ive always thought of you as mine
but am content with the way things are
so in the end we are friends..or maybe best best friends
but.. You are my Person
My ray of sunshine ๐ŸŒŸ
Thank God for you...