Even though WHI has a ton of music that generates inspiration, there are some artists that I listen to that either aren't that well known, or aren't represented enough on WHI. But that's when these types of articles come in handy, because I can reach others beyond the limited characters of my bio. Anyway, my music means a lot to me, mostly because it's a part of who I am or some music that I have can just be a phase, but even a phase can help me grow as a person. On Spotify, is where all my music lives, old and new, from alternative to soul, I've learned to listen to what I want, regardless of the popularity. But of course that wasn't always so easy.
A few years back, in middle school, I was heavily under the influence of anything that my friends favored because at the time I couldn't really choose for myself. But as I "blossomed" (which does take plenty of time).
But I found myself. As will you, if that's what you're going as well. I guess I can't close this article without sharing some of my favorite artists, which include; Zack Villere, Charlotte Dos Santos, Majid Jordan, Nina Simone, Mac Demarco, Cosmo Pike, Steve Lacey, Everything but the Girl, Tyler the Creator, and of course, Frank Sinatra. Thanks for reading my first article!