in this society and my age no one is serious, no one wants a real relationship. everything is public and for the media. taking pictures and stuff - yeah it's cute but that's not the point of a relationship. i want someone i can see myself with in the future. i want someone i know is going to be there for me no matter what. i don't need expensive dinners or presents, i want effort and loyalty... people fall in love with faces and not soules. that's fucked up. i want someone to take care of me, to look at me smiling and be like 'damn i'm so happy to see her happy'. i dont want them to love the naked me, the full makeup me, the elegant me. i want them to love the real me. for my good days and bad days. for my laugh, jokes but also i dont want them to leave me as soon as im not happy anymore. im a human being it's okay the feel depressed, or have anxiety, and i want them to be there for me and support me. someone may say that i'm asking for a lot. but i'm just asking for real love.