You know these days when you feel ok about yourself? You don´t feel beautiful, but you are happy. But then there are these days when nothing goes right and you just feel sad and ugly. And with ugly I mean, you absolutly hate yourself. That´s the worst feeling ever. Believe me.
And when "friends" or some brainless idiots say that you are too fat/too thin or too ugly, even they say it´s just a "joke", then you can´t feel confident about yourself anymore and will stop believe real compliments.
Things that´re said for fun or something, often leave deep scars and always stay in your mind. You believe things other people say about you because you always thought the same. Many people show you, that you are not enough. And that´s your biggest fear. To be not enough. To get replaced by a "better" person.
If one day someone wants to get to know you or meets you, even through the Internet, allowe him, get to know the person. Show them your rough and edges and accept theirs. They have to get that nobody is perfect and everyone has his flaws. And when they love your flaws and still think that you´re beautiful too them, believe it.
But always keep one thing in your mind:
You deserve it to be happy and to be shown how much you are worth it.
And when this person don´t do this then she isn´t worth it.
You have to make faults to get the answer and experience. You don´t have to be perfect, nobody is perfect! Everything is an illusion. Make Up can make you feel more confident or less ugly, but it hides your natural beauty.
And the 1st big step is, to love yourself. This is so rare and important. Love your flaws like your talents. You are unique how you are. Please remeber that. Because if you don´t love yourself, nobody can.
And even if it sounds dumb, ignore others. Believe in yourself and in your strength. These persons, who talk about you, are the opposite of perfect, they are just jealous. And this is nothing anyone needs.
Accept and spread compliments.
Because in the end you can be the most beautiful human from the outside, but when your character is ugly, you are nothing.
Please remeber that.

You are beautiful how you are.❤

Lots of love M.