Hello, guys!
As the articles has started on WHI, I decided to try it! I'll start with a short one where I'll introduce you some of my favorite Hearters on We Heart It. First of all, I want to say that I'm not from English speaking country and I'm still learning, so please be patient with me and my English ♥

I started od WHI in 2013, but I don't remember much from this time. I was just hearting images and to be honest, I don't even remember why I started posting my own pics in 2014. But I remember few artists that I followed (and I'm still following them).

❁ 1. @its_a_fashion_life_for_me

bikini angel beauty emma watson

❁ 2. @re93ka

food Superthumb city couple

❁ 3. @pinkheart_

animal burger beauty apartment

❁ 4. @rosiness

cafe apple beauty fashion

❁ 5. @refreshed

girly beach airplane apple

❁ and more. I followed a lot of people, but I stopped when they became inactive.
Then I was inactive too and I was posting about 5 pictures per month. I started again when ❁ 6. @the_night_skies has started her account. I was madly jealous that she's gaining so many followers in a short time that I started posting again. Fortunately we became friends and I stopped being stupid little kid. She's queen of WHI for me now, she helped me a lot with posting pictures when I was lost and wanted to stop.

blue delicious beach aesthetic

Next person that became my friend here is ❁ 7. @music_infinity - this cute little chick worked so hard to be a Heartist of the year 2016 and I was sooo happy when she got it. She's now having awesome autumn feed.

nature aesthetic autumn autumn

In this time (the end of 2016 when I was ill and stayed at home for a whole month) I found out, that I can say who posted a pic on All hearts page: I saw a picture and I was like "Oh, this must be Glorious's pic" and it was. It was for example these people:
❁ 8. @yurihenrique

aesthetic blue girl blue

❁ 9. @luxury_couture

blue beach beach beauty

❁ 10. @9andy

drink Superthumb drink decor

❁ 11. @michy9073

girl city girl heart

❁ 12. @xLostMemories

aesthetic girl animal converse

❁ 13. @fiftyshadesofhearts

beach fashion aesthetic beauty

❁ 14. @littlehappythingz

amazing budapest decor adorable

❁ 15. @HeyMyNameIsYasmin

aesthetic believe aesthetic bikini

❁ 16. @velvet_night

fun aesthetic beach clouds

Today, I have many new friends here on We Heart It. Go check their feed!

❁ 17. @basicallykelly

beauty accessories beauty accessories

❁ 18. @Dream_landX

fireworks background aesthetic city

❁ 19. @fiorette

bed Superthumb black cereal

❁ 20. @hopeiessfountainkingdom

adorable fashion beauty bouquet

Of course, there are much more people that I like and follow, because they inspire me. You can find them all here: http://weheartit.com/night_wishes/contacts
I hope that some day I will be such an inspiration for many people like them. Unfortunately my life is very busy (I'm starting my last year on high school) and I don't have much time for posting. But I promise I'll do my best ♥

Thank you for reading my article, I hope it helped you to find some interestng people to follow (or you just found out that we adore the same heartists). If you have any ideas of what I can write about, just send me a postcard and I will do it ♥
See you soon, Michel