In the comfortable leather chair
That i once bought to read
Where i sat to laugh and cry
Now i rest my head at ease

In the comfortable leather chair
As my hands are letting go
My suffering starts to fade
While my emotions start to flow

The eyes that would see
The words i would write
Now see only the void
Of an empty black night

The hands that would touch
The leather of my chair
Now can't feel the softness
That is right under there

The nose that would smell
The paper and the ink
Now receives nothing
As it was gone in a blink

The ears that would hear
The chair scratching the floor
Now sense no small noise
They can't hear anymore

In the comfortable leather chair
I sense no faces looking down
No tear falling from above
And not a single sad frown

But in the comfortable leather chair
Even though i'm slowly dying
I give a wide smile
Instead of weeping and crying

I smile widely even though
This is my final chapter
For i will live in my stories
Happily forever after