It was about five in the afternoon when I arrived at the house of a friend submerged in this world of warm colors to spray. I opened the doors of his house to learn a little more about his gifts for drawing. And I know her well, I know she has been improving over time, moving between the diversity of styles but without losing its essence and what characterizes it. Years past are already those in which the cats adorned all their books and agendas of the school. Now the walls are your space of expression. Where will he have left the little jars of glitter and the markers to be blown? The time has passed considerably.

Her dog greeted me before she at the entrance, and as I crossed the hall I found her sitting in front of the computer chatting and comparing with her mother the prices of paintings on various web pages. "They cost me much less if I place an order online that if I go out to buy them from a store around here, I even have products that make it easy to paint without getting stained." When it comes to buying paint, it is clear what brands to choose and where to get them. Ironlak, Montana, Kobra, Daycolors or NBQ are frequent among their acquisitions but claims that it has a preference for some of them because the ink varies from one brand to another, they have different components and that shows.

"Certainly the spray and even the nozzles you use matter, you have to know how to choose them." Skinny, fat or universal mouthpieces give different shape, volume and pressure to the design. In addition, prestige as a grafitti must be earned, and not easy. Not only do you have to have good imagination, but you must know to have good materials, certain friendships and the place where your work is located. This will make you shine as an artist or end up leaving.

Her room, nothing further from reality, was full of graffiti sheets. "You draw on the paper until you learn to draw the lines, it takes time but it's just practice and visualization" - he said while pulling a sweatshirt from the closet that he later completed with leggings and slippers. To paint it is necessary to go comfortable, no doubt and a very long night was coming and full of color.

"I feel like painting today." It is clear that when you like a thing you do with all the desire of the world. However, before we started to decorate walls we had to go and buy more boats than previously ordered by the network because those could not be able to arrive in time. Having the hobby of painting graffiti is a faucet insured for your checking account, so prepare the pocket if after this you feel like doing it. The sprays are around 3 euros and last little more than one graffiti (in general) although this is relative because there are sprays of different sizes.

Fifteen minutes later we had gone down to the portal and turned the corner to reach the bus stop, we were going to go to a store where only sprays are sold. When I arrived, I was surprised how on a wall the paintings were arranged so painstakingly by colors along with a code that differentiated the most similar tones. And after picking up a lot of boats from the wide range, putting them in boxes and going down, he thought he'd better take them in the backpack he was carrying. "It's small but fit, fit for sure." About ten cans of paint fit in the backpack that, being cloth, adapted well.

Already ready we would take the bus to leave the outskirts of the city and finally begin the creative process that leads us to think of a design to put on the wall. She was already drawing in her mind the drawing during the tour. "I'm thinking about it and it's going to be in three colors." These urban artists, rebellious, unconcerned, with a lot of imagination and need for expression, are engaged in running around behind the police looking for a small opportunity to make a wall of a painting by Picasso or Van Gogh. There is nothing to resist them. And although a little nervous and, with several pauses by the presence of people around us, finished the graffiti. "You have to be careful, you play a fine or jail."

From drawings to slogans that move social movements, painting in any blank space is not just for rebellious people. Latrinalia is the term given to those painted on the walls of the baths where the adolescents express their love for someone through poetry, reflections and names or just to express themselves. Feminist phrases are currently booming on walls located near key locations and filled with people, reflecting the protest and need for change in our society. And this game does not even have to do with age. There are old school graffiti artists, who have been painting for ten to twenty years.

This world is also not something solitary and independent, there are also crews (organized bands that come together to paint) with the ability to do magnificent works, which are more frequent in large cities like Madrid, Barcelona, ​​New York or Buenos Aires.

What inspires you to paint and what drives you to do it?

I think that all those who paint we do to express what we feel at that time, to unload the weight of our shoulders and feel some freedom and we are inspired in anything of our day to day and if not, we imagine. It's something fun.

What makes one graffiti more special than another?

Typography, for example. If it is not easy to read, it is curriculum. It rewards the design, originality, place, message ... In this world your work is valued in relation to your imagination, the less copies and the more you believe, the better.

Do you have to see the place where you draw with what it wants to convey?

Of course. What's more, the site depends on what you paint. In a place that is very busy the drawings are small, usually they are all firms. The great works of inspiration are captured on the outskirts of urban centers: in roads, abandoned factories and in general any wall without owner that is not in sight. Oh and a tip: never paint on private property.

What secrets does this world hide behind the painting?

Many definitely. People who use this form of expression do not always do it illegally. There are walls and places qualified for it and even some company can hire you to paint the blind. Then there is the theme of painting in subway cars or trains. This makes you gain a lot of prestige, for the simple fact that you play a lot, if you get caught painting you go to jail safely and even when you know the train will paint it again. But the mere fact of having gotten to paint in it positions you very high.

It has always been said that graffiti is related to violence, is this so?

According as you look. In principle no, nobody draws on walls to hurt anyone. But when someone does it on your drawing or sign on it, that's when problems appear. Most fights come from this. We take the piece so seriously that it bothers us a lot if someone breaks it. There is more hollow, I do not know, you get another place but do not spoil mine, do you understand me?

Many times we see numbers accompanying the drawings, do they mean anything?

Yes, they are codes. There are several sequences of numbers and each hides a message. It is a kind of secret language among those we paint. "Death to the police" is one of them.