This is my tips for healthy hair that really works for me, and also what helped me grow my hair fast. My hair wasn't that unhealthy before but it definitely wasn't the healthiest hair.

Step 1: Consider changing your shampoo and conditioner

I was recommended a game changing shampoo and at first I could'nt find it but the next day I was randomly strolling in H&M and I found the shampoo and conditioner I was looking for.

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this is the shampoo and conditioner I'm currently using, they have differnet types for different hair types :)

Step 2: Effective ways to use it

When I'm in the shower I start with applying the coconut milk shampoo to my hair and massaging it into my scalp avoding the rest of the hair as much as I can.

Then I put the conditioner in the lenghts of my hair and leave it on there while I wash my body, probably around 5 minutes and this will let the nourishing product really sink into my hair and repair it. I also make sure that I get the ends fully covered.

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this is some just hair inspiration♡

Step 3: More tips

  • Do not wash your hair everyday this will strip off your hair's natural oils. It's better to wash it 2-3 times a week.
  • Don't expose your hair to heath everyday. But if you must then use a heath protection spray.
  • Use hair ties that doesn't damage your hair too much if you have it in a bun or ponytail often.
  • Do a hair mask every once in a while if you want to, to repair your hair.
  • Take photos of your hair every week to see changes
  • Get a haircut at least 5 times a year to get rid of split ends and unhealthy ends. I usually just cut it about 2 centimeters depending on how healthy my ends are.
  • You can also use products in your hair I personally don't like to use products in my hair just because I dont like the feel of it and I like to play around with my hair a lot.

4, my hair care story

It started about a month ago so not that long ago and I've already started to see major changes. My hair is a lot more softer and not as frizzy as it used to be.

My hair used to be to right under my ears and now it grew to my shoulders so my friends even asked me how my hair grew so fast and it was because I started using ogx coconut milk shampoo and conditioner and they really nourishes your hair.

I also noticed that my scalp is less dry. I used to have a very very dry and irritated scalp and I used hair products that would help but they only made it worse. Now my scalp fell moisturised and healthy.

I feel a lot happier about my hair and wierdly enough it actually boosted my confidence. Btw I'm not a proffesional this is just what worked for me and I wanted to share my experience and tips. Just FYI I have wavy ombre dyed hair so this workes if you have dyed hair too.

my hair inspiraton collection♡

Sorry that it is so long and hope you liked my tips and find them helpful, like it if you did and I hope you have a fantastic day, greetings from Sweden!♡ :D