Has it ever happened to you to put yourself in my place? Trying to feel everything I feel?
Would you like to try?

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a room full of sun and happiness.

You are eight years old, young and innocent, you go to school, and ..
you do what the adults tell you to do because "children obey adults".
You are only eight years old, and you do not yet know the difference between those who want you happy and those who want to destroy you. Then you let him touch you, without understanding.

Slowly but surely, a few rays of light leave the room, close your eyes. How are you feeling ? Do you feel your heart squeezing, a desire to cry, perhaps? Not yet? Pity. I do.

Close your eyes, you are twelve years old now and you have not thought about what happened when you were eight, until that evening. That night you understood.

Imagine disgusting hands on your body, drooling lips on your skin, and violent penetrations against your will.

How are you feeling ? How would you feel after a rape at eight, and several at twelve years up to nineteen?

Close your eyes, there are only two or three rays of lights left in the room, you have a heart ache? Want to vomit? Your trust in men has disappeared?
I do.

But it's not over, you're in pain, but you want to believe in love, and you find it. Love, the truth ... or almost. You trust him, but this trust turns against you, and you fall. While you are not ready, this person forces you, again against your will.

Close your eyes, imagine yourself in this same room, it has become dark over time, without any light and without hope. This piece is your body, your heart and your soul unites.

How are you feeling ? Loss of self-confidence? Want to stay in bed all day without moving? Cry? End your life?
I do.