Describe you and I in a sentence: lovers but too damn scared to ever ask each other out. This has been us for at least 2 years now. Two years is a really long time to be crushing on someone but somehow we managed to do it perfectly. Even when we couldn't stand the distance anymore, we still did. The first year was so easy because we wanted each other but it wasn't a desire. This year, however, is a completely different story. We wanted each other; it was a desire. Every minute spent apart kills us and every minute spent together felt too short. But the bliss in those moment lasted forever. Then the day came. If I had known that that was the day, I would've dress a little nicer and smelled a little better. Just for you. But you liked me, no matter what, I realised. I had ketchup stains on my shirt that day but you laughed and joked and held me like any other day. When we held hands, it felt so good and I just want to do that every single day with you. You make me smile a little brighter, laugh a little harder, and most importantly, love you with all my heart.