so, hello everyone, guys. not so long ago, the other day I watched an anime called "The Form of Voice." and now I will express all that I think about it.

the main characters of this anime - Seko Nishimiya and Shoya Ishida impressed me. the desire of Ishida will change, correcting the mistakes of childhood makes you think, and Nishimiya's kindness inspires inadvertently. in general, all the characters of the anime "Shape of voice" are colorful. each of their deficiencies is shown, from the same desire in the future will change, and even if it does not work, the anime makes us love ourselves for who we are, because we are all imperfect. i think the creators wanted to say that each of us makes mistakes and this is normal. learn from mistakes, correct mistakes.
even Naoko, who hated Nishimiyu so much, at the end of the film made it clear that she did not hate her anymore.

n conclusion, I want to say that the anime itself is remarkable, i recommend to view those who have not yet looked. as I said, i think anime teaches us to love ourselves as we are, and to love others as they are.

The course of true love never did run smooth
— William Shakespeare