Hi, so you know what I like through my published photos, but only a bit, so I'll tell you some basic facts about me.

✓1.I'm from Latvia.
✓2.I'm 13 years old(will remain 14)
✓3.I know 3 languages(Latvian, Russian, English)
✓4.I love dresses, skirts, but I do not like to wear them because it's uncomfortable
✓5.I like to read and write
✓6.I love to eat
✓7.I'm playing guitar.
✓8.I love yaoi
✓9.I love watching anime
✓10.I love to draw
✓11.I like sitting on window sills.
✓12.I own 2 dogs (i'm a dog person)
✓13.I've never liked someone

with love,
Erica Ginger