Hello everyone.This is my first article and i am very very excited about this.So, i think "explain yourself" is the best way to start an article:)
My name is Northelyn Suheda.I am 16 and half years old.I am from Istanbul.I am a big dreamer.I belive that there is nothing impossible.I am big fan of Harry Potter,Doctor Who,Supernatural and Imagine Dragons.

I love alternetive/rock music.Also i am a Vegetarian and an Agnostic person.I respect all religions if it is not harm one.But i am Agnostic because for me,you can't be belive in something you don't see.Or you can't not be belive in something you can't prove not.

My biggest dream is getting a tattoo and livin in UK.I hope i will do them in years.
I am very friendly person you can message me about everything.
I love Studio Ghibli,tattoos,quotes,learning new word and languages.So yup :)<3