What is "love"? What is that feeling that make people to be always smiling everywhere they go?
Whatever this feeling makes to them I want to feel the same. I want to go crazy, to run while it rains, to dance in the middle of the bus station, to laugh harder, to stay all night counting stars, to never give up when they try to do something they don't know how to do, to tell all day along jokes and never get bored of them, to drive over the limit just to get lost anywhere, to stay with that person in one room more than a week and don't want to kill him or her, to talk about anything in the middle of the night, to hold someone beneath my arms and feel his or her bones or just to never get bored to be with that person. I want to do all these things with someone who I can trust. Or... maybe I just want to feel that someone likes me how I am...
You think is easy to get in love with someone?
Maybe can sound easy to be in love, right? But I think is harder... Is harder to find someone that loves you as much as you love him or her. One can't simply find someone in the street and say that them love each other from the first sight, they can't love each other that way. They can't love someone just for the way them looks. To be in real love you need to go through many things together, to be there when someone of them needs help, to put that smile everyday and every hour in the face of that special person, to hug them when you feel it no just when they say that to you.

So... What is love? How just one feeling can make you feel much more tan just one simple thing? What does that "true love" make people feel alive?... How can persist forever?
Maybe all the things I just wrote were not true because I never felt that feeling, but is what I saw...
If love makes people so much happy, please give me a cup full of this.
P.S. Sorry for my bad English.