(Pretty dramatic start, huh? I love dramatic starts, sorry.)

Anywho... Do you know the feeling, when you're usually the quiet one, and when you talk everybody else is shocked?

Do you know the feeling, when there's so much in your mind you'd love to say, yet you say nothing for unknown reason?

The feeling, when you are the student who gets the best test results from every test and everyone just expects you to be oh so clever and smart every. single. day.

And what they don't know, is that...

...At the same time, your mind might be in Middle-earth on a fantastic journey, or maybe in Hogwarts figuring out how to be magnificent wisard, or in Camp Half-blood having a good time laughing at the campfire and becoming a hero, or in a apartment in Brooklyn hanging out with the High Warlock of Brooklyn. I mean...

If only they knew... If only they knew.