Hi everyone! So here we go

I'm in my twenties. Star sign Libra. Don’t believe everything you read.. I'm pretty sensitive and I hate it. Dramatic and moody. I have a wild imagination always daydreaming about my future and my dreams. I'm the most clumsy person youll ever meet. I'm kinda introvert well depends on my mood. I wear my heart on my sleeve.❤️

Some random stuff about me

I'm a bookworm
I love drawing and art in general
I'm very shy until you get to know me very well
I can be stubborn sometimes
I like learning new things
I know a bit of French and indian I'm not either
English is not my first language
I love make up but I don’t wear it all the time
Cat and bunny person
I love traveling I would love to travel the world someday
I love cooking
I love poetry
Music pop & RnB
I want to learn how to play the guitar and piano
Asian food
I love to pay attention to details
I bit obsessive about cleanliness
I overthink about everything
Fears dark heights and insects

"I'm not the prettiest. I'm not the funniest but I am being myself and that’s all I can be."

I hope you check my other collections and I hope you like them

Thank you for reading x