Does what we think have an affect on the reality.
I hope it doesent. Not that i think stuff that is that bad but i just think it would be alot of pressure.
Lets say you think about someone dying and because you thought that, that person really dies. that would be horrible. But i dont think thats the case. No i know thats not the case. We cant change the reality and our thoughts are not part of it. Even if we might not be sure we need to convince ourselfs that our thoughts are not the reality. We dont know why certain thing happen but we just need to accept it. But i think i will never stop searching for a way to stop bad thing or my problems by thing that are not the reality. At that point we need to know if these thing are making or life better or worse. I am still not sure about that.

(Sorry if some things are not correct English is not my first language)