August 27th 2017

Sooooo I've decided to start a story!!!! I will be releasing a new chapter every so often (not sure how often) so stayed tuned!
Here's a bit of a sneak peek of the story you'll be reading!!!

Shannon Smith ~ Crystal's twin sister, she loves her sports and is all round good at everything
Crystal Smith ~ Always in the shadow of her twin sister Shannon, Crystal is a very talented singer but is too quiet and shy to showcase her talents.
Kardia Billings ~ Shannon's new bestie. On the drill team at school and dating Fletcher Moore
Bridie Crouch ~ Becomes friends with Shannon, but mainly Crystal because she loves music.
Florence /Flo Cunnington ~ Mean, rich girl who is on the school drill team. Dating Brian Sanchez.
Amanda Finch ~ Flo's sidekick. Does everything Flo does and spends her free time fangirling over 'Queen Flo'
Brian Sanchez ~ Hottest guy (according to Shannon) at Arcadia High. Captain of the Football Team. Dating Florence
Dean Henderson ~ Brian's best friend. Plays football also and is the life of the entire school
Fletcher Moore ~ On the football team. Dating Kardia.
Carson Thurlow ~Very handsome guy who is a singer and performer. Has a crush on Crystal.
Dakota Sanchez ~ Brian's younger sister is the most popular sophomore at Arcadia.

General Storyline
When Australian identical twins Shannon and Crystal Smith move to Arcadia High, California, the entire social pyramid comes crashing down. Shannon quickly settles in and meets the hottest guy in school, whereas Crystal finds it hard to talk to people, step out of her twin's shadow and showcase her singing talents. Florence, or 'Queen Flo' is horrified when she's pushed out of her popularity position. While romance blossoms and withers for some, friendships and rumours clash as enemies are made.
Join Shannon, Crystal and the rest of the Arcadia gang as they get through their Senior year of high school the hard way.