Hi again!! And if you're new I'm Camila and welcome to my tiny little world. So... today I'm going to talk about fashion, I'm don't know all about of fashion and I'm not a guru, but I'm going to try my best to give you some cute and really trendy clothes.

Maybe you saw on Instagram a thousand of some really cool outfits with this type of bra, and in my personal opinion I just LOVE them, I think it's the perfect combination between hot and lovely and you can combine them literally with everything, since a top to a shirt, and that's how I begin this TOP 5 in trends.

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this trend it's just perfect, it's comfy, simple and you can see jackets, jeans, shoes, etc. of denim, and it's a basic that you need to have in your closet.

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Okay, in this trend I don't have words to describe how much I love this trend, I could literally get marry with this trend, It's just my favorite trend in all the ARTICLE.

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In the fourth place is the of-the-shoulders trend and it's so lovely, It's a 90s perfect T-shirt and soo comfy gorgeous for anyone, this is the queen of the trends.

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So we end this article this type of jeans that are in everywhere, LIT you see these jeans in every corner of the whole world, in my opinion, is cute but I think that it's not so fashionable.

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And this is the end of this article, I know this is even a quarter of trends at this moment but there were the only the only I could write and have an opinion about it and remember you don't have to wear this if you don't want and remember "fashion, the one that fits you".

Writing soon,