Today was new. Today I found out that I love you. Though the moment scared me and I knew I shouldnโ€™t say it so soon because you might leave me. I will wait for you, patiently, quietly. You have taught me a lot about when I need to speak and when I can just keep that inside. You have taught me how to be understanding. A skill I thought I had mastered but then it came to you and you had so much more to understand. So many more twists and turns and complexities. So much more to learn, and I love to learn from you. You have taught me that I am kinder than even I think. You have taught me that it is possible to be calm. You have taught me that it is possible to love someone who will treat you right and that I will not always be a victim of Stockholm Syndrome. Even if we donโ€™t last this time was not wasted because you were my tour guide towards the truth about life. That lifeโ€™s not out to get me and that someone will be there through the peace and the panic. You are a great teacher and I am lucky to be one of your disciples. I find myself constantly scribbling down notes to be a better student and trying to ace all of the tests and have the best performance. Because I donโ€™t want to fail you. You would forgive me I know, but you only deserve my best. And this is my best for you.