August 27, 2017

Each week I will be releasing a new chapter to my story called: Flemington. Yeah, I know it doesn’t sound to appealing but believe me I hope you will be intrigued by the characters and better yet the story.

Each chapter will be up on Friday.

Introducing the characters:
Abigail - Best friends with Mason; Is the ‘goody tushus’. Has a brother (James)
Mason - Best friends with Abigail; Trying out for the football team.
Laura - New girl to town; Mother: Stephanie
Kenny - The hot guy
Crystal - The person writing this story (Me); female

This very story I am writing is based off of Riverdale but I will try my very hardest to change the storyline but there will still be a mystery.

The town of Flemington have experienced a very traumatic event on the 1st of September 2017, the disappearance of Fred. His brother Tony was the only one that saw him that day to help him and his girlfriend get away from their parents as they forbidded the relationship entirely.
Will you come along for the experience?

To make an appearance in this ‘series’ (A bit of the story line or a character with your name) please DM me on instagram:
Hope to see you in the upcoming chapters!!