Inspiring Image on We Heart It

A highlighted moon and a star filled sky
it was perfect weather for flight. You sat
on my window, with untamed fiery hair and an outfit of green,
reaching out your hand and saying “come with me.”

“Think happy things and you’ll fly like me” you smile, floating in the air.
I think of coloring and reading and my best friends-- happy things.
My feet slowly leave the floor and I look at you in shock,
you just smile and tug my hand “come on now, off to Neverland”

We fly over houses, parks and rivers, higher into the sky.
I always dreamt of touching stars, but never thought it’d be real.
The second star to the right and off we go, a bright shining light,
our transition into another land.

This was where the real adventure begins, from chasing
away pirates from your secret hideout, to chatting
with mermaids perched high on their rocks and the
lost boys talk about their many adventures with you.

The times were fun and the stories were great
but deep down I knew that I did not belong, I was only 8!
With a frown on your face you reluctantly agreed,
my home on the other side of the star was where I needed to be.

The flight home is sad, but I try not to forget
the way the stars shine so bright or the dimples in the moon.
You drop me off at my window and into my room I climb,
you floated there for a while, waiting for my goodbye.

I get into bed and look in your direction, pulling
up my covers I give you a smile. I wave at you and
you wave back, before turning towards the moon-
returning to your home beyond the second star.

It’s been a few years since that night, and now I’m an adult,
but I still remember the adventures and the way the stars looked.
I leave my window open, hoping that you’d come back,
but that’s not the case and I haven’t seen you since.

The cold wind blows my curtains awry, bringing the bright light
into my view. I think I see a shadow, is it possible that it’s you?
I open my eyes and sit up in bed, only to see it’s a silhouette.
I sigh and rub my eyes, I saw you in my dreams again, it felt so real.