Can you love without holding?
let go without giving?
is it possible to lose before having?

capturing fragmented moonbeams of instincts in dreams
an ache stays
is it a memory of unknown you?
wisps of denied love
a fated distance
is this what keeps us apart?
why does it always feel like goodbye?

I loved you
I lost you
still need you
where are you?
you feel like rainbows without an end

I see, I feel, but can't touch
a torment of some forgotten wrong?
I swallow the strange Saudade
bitter dew on my tongue
knocking my senses, profound
A ghost of a past I know not
stirring my cells
a primordial marrying
stretching dimensions

stars shine promising shelter in your light
guiding me back home
but not until my work or punishment is done
this loss is something I cannot grasp
singing in sections of the heart no-one else can see
yet, always and forever a part of me