Hello today I will show you 3 ideas so that you take nice pictures and have better ways to pose or a wider expectation of how you can look great in the photos.

1.- The best photos are in which you look natural, and do not see that you are posing, just as you do not stare directly at the camera.

girl, sky, and yellow image

2.-You can take photos in which you are smiling, you can saw the eyes that will make you look a little more natural, it is also very important not to force or overact the smile.

fashion and hair image girl, fashion, and smile image

3.- I also suggest that you use your hands and fingers, putting them very soft on your face (not all the hand if not if not a part like the fingers of your hands) as with your arms doing with them poses like If they were natural

Image removed Image removed dua lipa, Queen, and dualipa image

I hope the photos that show you have helped you to understand better and to have a clearer idea of ​​what I wrote.

-Thank you so much for reading it ..

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