If you know anything about my page on this site, then you know I like to keep it 'clean' in terms of content. What other people put on their sites, within the C.o.C of a given site is their business. But I prefer pictures of all things, cute, adventurous, relaxing and scenic. The intro says it all and so I'll move on.

Fairly recently, I began writing fan fiction involving my favorite Belgian Detective, Hercule Poirot as he was brilliantly and so respectfully portrayed by David Suchet.

For whatever bizarre reason, Lady Christie had next to NO respect for the dear eccentric Belgian. She gives him traits and mannerisms and then bitches about how DETESTABLE and CONCEITED he was. That's a laugh! At least Poirot never used people for money while treating them like something he'd scrape off the bottom of his shoes!

But, as the saying goes, "PAYBACK'S a BITCH!" This Poirot ( NOT Christie!) fan will give to Monseir Poirot the love story and fond farewell that her flippin' majesty WOULD NOT bother to bestow, and I'm going to enjoy it.

If you're a POIROT fan with an idea that you're not sure how to map out, let me know.



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