Being the only girl in my class who has large feet, very curly hair and big calves can sometimes attract too much attention; the right kind and the wrong kind.

When I was younger, I used to hate my curly hair and kept asking for my hair to magically straighten when I wake up the next day. I used to hate my large feet and hope that when I grew old enough, it would've shrink. I used to hate knowing that other girls had lean legs and I had massive meaty legs.

But one day, when I was reading an article in Her World magazine they stated that curly hair is in trend.When I saw the models hair, I knew that they had to use curlers to curl their hair. And I sat there for a minute and immediately thanked God that I was born with curly hair, au naturel.

Then, I saw many of my friends complaining to me that the shoes in new shoes stores had only big sizes; starting from size 9. I can only pity them but deep down, I couldn't wait to buy new shoes. Knowing full well that the stores definitely have my size.

And now, I see many girls who used to had very lean legs are off to the gym hoping to grow strong thighs and structured calves. I on the upper hand just needed to do my normal workout routine and eat healthily as I've always have.

Now I'm turning 16 years old and I realized. I should be grateful for what I have, who I am and where I am right now, right here. Because in this modern era that has many terms and conditions that can lead to many health problems and mental diseases, the simplest things are taken for granted.

For those who are too fat, too skinny, too scared for who you are, not a real boy, not a real girl, bully victims, rape victims, traumatized people, mental disorder patients and any other kind of people out there (I'm so sorry I can't list all of you folks), I am here to tell you something:
You are beautiful
You are amazing
You are strong
You are wonderful
And most of all, You are You.

[ I hope this helps for anyone out there]

Love, Amanda.