You come close, and maybe part of the reason I'm still here is in memory of that love. Maybe its taken my soul this long to depart because of how deeply I loved you, but if I'm honest, the magic disappeared when you broke your promise to be faithful.Yes, you told me the truth, at the push of a friends guidance, under threat of exposure, but it broke my heart in places that never fixed back the same way. It was hard for me to let you go. Hard for me not to forgive when you asked. Hard for me not to believe it would never happen again. Strange that the heart can love so much that hope remains...

But I forgave you in the end and stayed.

There's much I don't regret, for you once made me smile, but I can tell you now, many years past - in regret, that my heart did never mend and I could never give myself so completely to you, ever again.
Hand on heart ~
I know you're not 'the one'.