Primarily, thank you WHI for this feature. We love it.
So what's Fangirling is all about? Some of you out there might not even know this term but to most of the WHI members out there this might just be the only term or tag they are know for. Right girls?

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From uncontrollable squealing, balling our eyes out crying to slamming our heads on the tables due to a mere excitement and adrenaline rush. Well well well that's us. Don't blame us because that's what we live for.

Sure some fans and teenagers have their own liking for a certain bands and celebrities, but for fangirls that's just a mere drop in the ocean.
Fangirls, also known as superfans get themselves hooked up in books, tv shows and social media not wanting to miss out on a single detail of their idol's life. From buying their latest merchandise, attending concerts to keeping a track of their current location, y'all know we fangirls have been there for sure. Some get their minds stuck up all day with the fictional characters. Being a fangirl is not an easy job to do let me tell you that. Some of us get to meet them and some of us don't and that leads to a major crush imposed on all our hearts. Another big time heartache of all is that we all know we can never be with them. Right girls? (Sigh!) But that doesn't stop us from loving and obsessing over our sweethearts.

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Being a superfan is like being on a rollercoaster of sentiments that constantly goes up and down. From your friends poking fun at you to your family members disapproving, sometimes it can all get a little too much.

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But don't get me started on all the facts which we love being a fangirl for. Just hearing the voice or seeing an Instagram post gets us so overwhelmed that we owe our day to em'. So a shoutout to all the fangirls out there. Don't you ever stop fangirling because who knows you might get lucky today *wink wink*. We rock!