Being happy, confident and proud of yourself is the best thing that you can do,believe me. If you are confident about yourself nobody can put you down and no one would try to make you fee bad.If you are happy about yourself your life is going to be easier trust me.

But to be in this level of happiness its not easy to accomplish; you have to try your best and never give up,because everybody has ups and downs but the best thing you can do is stay positive.

1- LOVE YOURSELF. I know, its not easy. It takes time. But if everyday instead of looking at the mirror and saying "omg i look so bad" you say "i'm so beautiful" its going to change things, i promise.

DO NOT compare yourself to others. Everyone is different and because someone has bigger boobs or flawless skin doesn't mean you are less beautiful or important than them. Everybody has their beauty and their flaws.

STOP wearing what is "trendy" and start having your own style. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and makes you confident about yourself. Everybody use the same dress, or the same shoes or the same shirt, if you start doing you people will notice you in a good way,making yo feel special and proud.

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Wash your face twice a day (or more), drink water, do your hair how you want to, do or paint your nails, exfoliate your skin. This little things will have a big difference in yourself, trust me.

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2- DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY. Stop worrying about non-important things. It will make you anxious and stress. If something bad happens on your life, instead of crying or worrying try to fix it the fastest you can.

CHILL. Be a "chill person". Instead of trying to do everything perfect,chill a little bit and have fun, i promise its going to be okay. The more you stress, the more problems you going to have.

START DON'T GIVING FUCKS. Don't giving fucks is the best thing ever. If someone got mad at you for something non-important or for no reason, DON'T GIVE A FUCK. If someone is bringing gossip in your life, DON'T GIVE A FUCK. I give you my word,if you don't give a fuck you will life your life so much happier.

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3- DO THINGS THAT YOU LIKE OR LOVE. If you want to sing, sing. If you want to paint, paint. If you want to dance, dance. If you want to be a hoe, be a fucking hoe. YOLO. You only have one life and you should live it how you want to. Stop trying to live how people want you to live. Remember: one day you going to die and its better die happy and proud of everything you did that die and be sad and regret everything you didn't do.

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4- SPREAD LOVE. More love less hate, If you give love i swear you are going to receive love back. If you have positive vibes, people with the same vibes are going to be with you. Instead of being negative and thinking the worst you should always think positive and hope for the best. The bad vibes always stick to other people, so instead of giving bad vibes to the world, start changing the world in to a better place.

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I hope this would help you a little bit. I'm just trying to make the world and young people a bit happier. <3

Sorry for the bad spelling and sorry for the sweating.
REMEMBER: i'm not a writer, i'm just a girl who wants to give advice.