What about free will? What about destiny?

What about the endless possibilities we have? What about the fate? I´ve had never-ending talks with my friends about free will and destiny, and sometimes we agreed more with one word or with the other. Why certain things happen to us? Why do we get to cross our path with certain people? I don´t have the answer yet, though I know the way to reach it is to live. Just having experiences.

Mientras tanto este mundo gira y gira sin poderlo detener. Y aquí abajo unos cuantos nos manejan como fichas de ajedrez.
— Octavo Día, Shakira.
They'll say you could do anything. They'll say that I was clever. If we go down, then we go down together. We'll get away with everything. Let's show them we are better.
— Paris, The Chainsmokers.

So... my final (but not that kind of final) conclusion is:

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