Hey Guys! So I have been thinking a lot about back to school fashion, and I keep seeing things for outfits and stuff but what about your hair? So I will be giving you 10 back to school hairstyles you must try this fall.

Fishtail Braid
Fishtail braids always look amazing and you can do them in dutch, french, and side braids too!

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Sweetheart Braid
I have been seeing this braid pop up everywhere. It's really not that hard you just need a lot of rubber bands.

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Boxer Braid
Ok if you haven't heard of this braid where have you been all this time? This braid always looks good with whatever outfit.

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Crown Knot
This can work with pretty much every hair length short hair long hair whatever hair you have. Plus it's quick and easy if your running late to school.

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Messy Bun
OMG I have been trying to get this with my hair but I can never succeed! There are many YouTube videos on this bun so maybe you guys will have better luck with this bun than I have.

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Waterfall Braid
This braid is so cute I have no words to describe. But it does take awhile so make sure you have time before the bus comes!

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Braided Space Buns
A new take on the space bun you love and know it's like braids and buns had a baby!

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Pony Braid
Two classics combined into one! Perfect for when you have gym, just a simple braid and a pony tail!

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Braided Bangs
Perfect for when you need your hair back during a test or just want them out of your face. This braid will give you the convenience of no hair in your face and stylish hair.

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Lazy Braid

For those days when you drag yourself out of bed to get going. All you need to know how to do is a simple braid.

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I hope you guys enjoyed reading this article and use some of these cute back to school hairstyles. If you want to see a specific thing DM me user is @perfectionwishes and follow for more articles like this!