1. Nostalgia can be the best and worst feeling in the world
2. Millennial children attract mental illness
3. No one understands what you're going through
4. People always misjudge you and think you're overreacting
5. Do not apologize for being yourself
6. If you want to be sad, just be sad
7. It's not easy to find people who you can trust
8. Keeping everything inside will only make it worse
9. But if you need to, don't be ashamed
10. The dark place in the back of your mind becomes more and more vivid
11. The line between right and wrong is blurry
12. Sleep is but a distant memory
13. Crying instead of sleeping makes your head hurt
14. The voices in your head only get louder
15. The amount of self-help novels and inspiration quotes you read doesn't help
16. You still have to move on with your life
17. Having a million thoughts at once turns into a billion
18. You need to suck it up and act like everything is perfect