This contains love notes for yourself as a reminder to appreciate yourself everyday.

Day 1

You are created in the image of God.
Therefore, never think that you are any less of a person just because someone says so. The standards of beauty cannot be defined by mere strangers. Your smiling face shows the world you're happy and it's all that matters.

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Day 2

You look clean with hair tied up
Hair down hair up, it doesn't matter; as long as you look clean! Before, I never used to tie my hair thinking it makes my face bigger. But once I did tie my hair up, I felt freer to do anything! It helped me concentrate when working. Plus, it keeps my hair away from my face that makes me look cleaner.

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Day 3

Always keep proper posture.
Sit up straight, stand tall. It helps your self-esteem and gives you confidence. It also makes you look better too!

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Day 4

Drink lots of water.
This habit is so underrated. Here are some unexpected benefits of drinking water regularly:

  • boosts productivity
  • clearer skin
  • reduces tiredness
  • helps in breathing and metabolism
  • prevents cardiovascular disorders
  • reduces risk of osteoporosis, kidney stones, ulcers, and hip fractures
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Day 5

Your short hair looks good on you.
if you've had a long hair since ever, short hair is a nice change! It gives you personality and its lighter on the head. Plus, it gives your face more exposure.

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Day 6

You are the original verison of yourself
You don't ever fit in a mold. You are neither Mia from Princess Diaries, Cha Eun Sang from the Heirs, nor Sawako from Kimi ni Todoke. All these characters are from famous books, movies, kdrama, and anime but you are a character in real life. You have life and all the options you wish. So don't ever ever wish to be someone else.

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*will constantly update this daily!